International Cargo Services

International Cargo Services

It is going to be a tough proposition for you when you have to shift your household goods to a foreign location. It is going to mean to handle a lot of intricacies beginning right from the packing of your goods to dealing with customs officials to unpacking them. all goods should also be labeled accordingly.

DA comprehensive list of items present in each and every carton should be prepared while they are being packed. This way, it is going to become easy for the customs official to get an overview of what items you have in your cargo.

International cargo is usually undertaken by way of sea or by air. Both have their own typical limitations and positive points. When you choose to take a cargo consignment by sea or by way of water, the weight of the item being shipped doesn’t count. What counts is the size or where it is going to fit inside the ship or vessel. You must make sure the item to be shipped is of adequate size is it is to be sent by ship.

If it is to be sent by air, the item should be of a minimal weight. Items that are sent by air should be weighed in advance to make sure they don’t exceed the minimal permitted limits, or else a fine is to be levied..

Packing Material

Be sure to get all the packing material ready at hand before you before you set out to pack anything. read more..

Packing Tips

One of the most important points you should bear in mind while packing your belongings is that you must read more..


The transportation of your cargo is the most important part of the house moving process. It should be           read more..

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