Packing Tips

Packing Tips

One of the most important points you should bear in mind while packing your belongings is that you must prepare a rough list of the items packed into different cartons. The number of items is going to be great and so is the number of cartons in which they are packed. Even if the number of items or number of cartons is not as much, it is always wise to prepare a list of the items you pack into the individual cartons.

This is also going to make it easier for officials at the customs to tell what lies within each carton. They dont have to bother about opening each and every carton, unless they smell something fishy or wrong in some of them. it is always going to be best to hand over a list to the officials and they are most likely to be satisfied with your efforts at compiling the list..

The order in which the items are packed also is of significance. Be sure to pack all items you want to retrieve the first the last in the list to be packed. This way you should be able to follow the theorem of first in last out.

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